Sunday, 9 June 2013

Keep Smiling

The Wessex Women's Network met last week and although there weren't so many members there this time [probably due to half term] we had alot of fun and enjoyed each others company as usual. There is always a lively atmosphere at our meetings and alot of laughter.

As you know I am passionate about encouraging women to reach their full potential and I have watched one of my members Jane Pitt Pitts develop her confidence and business over the years. Jane offers an extensive range of handmade glass dishes, jewellery and sailing trophies. Jane attends the meetings on a  regular basis and always brings samples of her work to display for other members to view or even buy

I continue to do my public speaking and last week spoke to the lively and very friendly Hebrew Ladies Luncheon Club in Bournemouth. I enjoy telling my story in the hope that it will encourage other women to fulfil their dreams and goals and to reach their full potential.

The next Wessex Women's Network meeting is on Tuesday June 25th when Colin van Geffen will give a talk on 'The Red Arrows' I understand from Jan that this is a very interesting talk so I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the event.

We have had some lovely weather this week so hopefully summer is here to stay! The sun always lifts everyone's spirits and people smile more!

My final thought for today. Ladies the most important thing that you wear is your expression! You are never fully dressed until you smile and a smile not only makes you feel better but everyone around you. It's cheaper than a facelift and means the same in any language so keep smiling even if the sun isn't shining, YOU can still shine and sparkle.