Friday, 27 August 2010

Business should be fun!

I'm a great believer that as well as hard work business should be fun and members of the Wessex Women's Network have certainly had some fun this month.On August 21st I managed to get a table of 12 together [including three husbands] to attend the Festival Ball at The Pavilion Ballroom Bournemouth. The event raised around 45k which will go towards the Variety Club, the children's charity and Help for Heroes. It's good to get together socially and be-able to chat and find out more about each other and I discovered that Valerie and I both went to Blackheath High School and at the same time! I have known Valerie for some time but we never realised we had been to the same school until then.

Last night we enjoyed the Wessex Women's Summer Dinner. Although it felt more like Autumn we all had a great time. The plan was to enjoy a glass of champagne in the garden before dinner but the heavens opened and we had to stay inside but that did not stop us enjoying ourselves. We were entertained by Nell Montague-Rendell who started the evening with some of her favourite songs including Fields of Gold, Turn Me On and No One But You. We were all spellbound  not only with her singing but her whole performance. She is a very talented young singer and I am sure she has a successful career ahead of her. We were lucky enough to be-able to enjoy a second performance from her after we had finished our main course and before I brought in Jan Hoy's birthday cake to celebrate her 70th birthday. Needless to say we all sang Happy Birthday but our voices were not as tuneful as Nell's! We were able to buy Nell's CD for £10-00 from which she gave £5-00 of each sale to the Country Education Trust. Not only do we enjoy ourselves at The Wessex Women's meetings but we try and raise money for our favourite charities.

Speaking of which can I remind you all of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning to be held at The Cloud Hotel Brockenhurst on Friday September 24th from 10-30am - 11-45am. Please do come along to enjoy a cup of coffee, bring your friends with you and sample our delicious homemade chocolate brownies. All proceeds  go to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Can Do Attitude - - - - -

It's August already and there are only 18 weeks to Christmas! This year is racing by and it's been a while since I've had time to write my Blog. Like all of us I'm juggling work and family and have been spending time with my grandchildren whenever possible.

The July meeting of the Wessex Women was well attended and everybody thoroughly enjoyed Dr Denise Tylor's talk on hypnotism. Her talk 'Gaining the Competitive Edge Using Hypnosis' explained how hypnosis is an excellent tool for weight loss and great for improving sporting performance. She has worked with dancers, ice-skaters, golfers and tennis players, helped them to overcome fear of eg a particular jump [skaters] or generally to "up" their level to gain a competitive edge. Hypnosis can also be very effective for child related issues such as thumb sucking and bed wetting and for us adults our habitual behaviour such as smoking or overeating etc. A thoroughly absorbing and thought provoking talk. The Summer Dinner to be held at the Cloud Hotel on Wednesday Aug 24th is a chance for everyone to get together, network and have some fun. We are priviliged to have Nell Montague-Rendell entertain us during the evening. Nell is the daughter of David and Diana Montague-Rendell two very successful opera singers.

The Wessex Women's Network website has a business directory, it costs £50-00 + vat to have your business listed and is just another opportunity to promote your business. You will find the details of how to register your business on the Wessex Women web-site.

On Thursday I attended the launch of Women 1st Femail Chef' Development programme at The Dorchester Hotel London. It was launched by Michael Caines one of Britain's most acclaimed chefs. He was AA Chef's Chef of the year in 2007, awarded an MBE in 2006 for services to hospitality as well as having 2 Michelin Stars. Michael lost his right arm in a car accident in 1994 but was back to work part time after 2 weeks and full time after 4 weeks. Not only is he an inspiration with his positive attitude and determination to not let adversity affect his career but also a charming and down to earth man. He spoke so much sense at the event and recognised that although the industry is trying to encourage more young women to become chefs it is very challenging for them. I had a very enjoyable evening and was able to catch up with some of my colleagues in the hospitality industry.

An important date for your diary is Friday September 24th. The Cloud Hotel takes part in the World's largest Coffee Morning every year in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, everyone is welcome between
10-30am and 11-45 am. to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and sample our moorish homemade chocolate brownies.

These are worrying times for businesses at the moment with so many cut backs and redundancies but I still believe it's the companies who give 5 star service and exceed their customers expectations who have a better chance of surviving this economic climate and come out of it not only stronger but more successful. I am reading a fantastic book at the moment recommended to me by Karen Guttridge whilst on my Nordic Walk. 'THE 25 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS' by Jack Canfield and I'm now recommending it to you. A great read.

Remember 'A Can Do Attitude Makes The Impossible Possible'