Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Inspector Calls

It was a beautiful sunny morning in the New Forest and Spring was in the air. The Cloud Hotel was busy as usual when two of our guests who had stayed the night checked out and announced they were AA Inspectors. I then have to stop what I'm doing to sit and hear the comments and report of their visit. I'm always slightly apprehensive at the start of the meeting even though I have been the Proprietor of The Cloud Hotel for 34 years. However on this occasion I couldn't have experienced a more positive and encouraging meeting and in no way did I feel intimidated. I was able to express my concerns about the star ratings and how they are perceived by the general public. Bed and Breakfast establishments, Guest Houses, Public Houses and Inns used to be awarded Diamonds which differentiated them from Hotels that were awarded Stars. This was changed a few years ago and now everyone is awarded Stars but are judged on which type of accomodation they are offering. For example a Bed and Breakfast establishment can be awarded 5 Stars but based on Bed and Breakfast facilities likewise for Guest Accomodation and Public Houses etc. I feel this is confusing to the general public. The Cloud Hotel has 2 Stars based on its facilities as an Hotel, for example we don't have a lift or night porter but the Inspectors gave the Hotel a first class report for service, cleanliness, food. efficiency and to my friendly and loyal staff and increased The Cloud Hotel's Merit score to 84%. The Merit Score is not often recognised by the general public but it is awarded for the quality of the services offered by the Hotel as opposed to the facilities. I was delighted to have such positive feed back by such professional and encouraging Inspectors. Having good feedback lifts everyone's spirits and encourages everyone to do even better in the future. Seeing the sunshine, the fresh green shoots on the trees and the foals grazing outside the Hotel as well as a newly born baby donkey going by staying close to its Mother while people are trying to get a photograph of him adds to the surroundings and atmosphere of a very good day at The Cloud Hotel.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Wessex Women's Network

Welcome to the first posting on the Wessex Women's Network business blog.  We will be regularly updating the blog with news, events and items of interest for all of our members to view.

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