Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer Time?

With the weather being so cold and unpredictable it was very apt to have Trevor Guymer as the speaker at the Wessex Women's Network at our March meeting. Trevor is a meteorologist and climate expert from Southampton's National  Oceanography Centre. He explained to us about the interactions between the the oceans, atmosphere land and ice. Apparently waves and storms are always a risk for coastal communities all over the world as well as those working at sea. It was interesting to hear how the oceans both moderate and drive climate variability. You could hear a pin drop during his talk as it was so fascinating. It was a full house and the Wessex Women are very seldom that quie

I attended the re-dedication of the updated Buckler's Hard Museum by Lord Ivar Mountbatten on March 26th. It was bitterly cold with a biting wind but I warmed myself up by going round the museum that is well worth a visit. I have lived in the New Forest for 38 years and had no idea about the history of Bucklers Hard. It was also interesting to see Sir Frances Chichester's yacht Gypsy Moth which was moored in the river.

One of the charities the Cloud Hotel supports is Vitalise and 3 times a year we give the Carers of Alzeimer's sufferers a night out and treat them to dinner. Last Thursday 19 people came from Netley Waterside House and had an added surprise as David Bonney Magician and member of the Magic Circle entertained them with some wonderful magic.

Easter was cold but dry which was a bonus and even the sun came out just to let us know it is still around. I was lucky enough to have my whole family with me this Easter, all 12 of them and we did manage a long walk in the forest although the wind was biting cold and we were all pleased to get back home to the warm. This time last year we were all sitting out in the garden and enjoying barbecues! 

For the second year running the Cloud Hotel sponsored the Napkin Folding competition at the Salon Culinaire held at Brockenhurst College and I have just returned from judging today's competition. It is always a pleasure to see young people enthusiastic about their chosen career and to be encouraged by their tutors to do their best. I am very passionate about encouraging young people to train and go into hospitality and help to raise the standards that are much needed in certain areas of the industry.

The next Wessex Women's Network meeting is on Wednesday April 24th when David Sullivan will be speaking about Life as a Shepherd. I look forward to welcoming you to this event which promises to be another very interesting talk and again quite topical after how this cold weather has affected the farmers and their flocks.

Business is tough for everyone at the moment and not helped by the weather but don't lower your prices to compete with your competitors. It devalues you and sends a message to your customers that you are prepared to reduce your prices at any cost to the business.

'It's a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it"  Somerset Maughan

Although it's hard to believe it is officially summertime so keep your fingers crossed that we will soon be enjoying some warmer weather.