Friday, 25 March 2011

Staying Positive A Secret Recipe

Staying positive was the theme for Kiki Maurey's talk to The Wessex Women on Tuesday March 22nd and it was a full house. Thirty four ladies gathered at The Cloud Hotel to hear Kiki's secret recipe of how to stay positive something we all need to do in these times of recession, wars and tsunamis. However I still believe we have plenty to be grateful for in this country and after listening to Kiki I think many of us felt inspired and motivated to move forward with our lives and love what we do. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones but I do enjoy what I do and love the challenges that life throws at me every day. [Well most days!] Kiki lives in the New Forest National Park and we met at one of everywoman's conferences in London. We are also both members of Modern Muse. Kiki is a Professional Effectiveness Coach, Trainer and Speaker and her details can be found on
The beautiful Spring weather should make us all feel happier and lift our spirits. I hope you have had the chance to get out into the fresh air and enjoy it. I love Spring in The New Forest and I feel very spoilt living in such a beautiful location where I can just step outside my hotel and Nordic Walk with Karen Guttridge in the open forest. The gardens are full of daffodils and almond blossom the green shoots are beginning to appear on the trees. The clocks go forward an hour on March 27th and we will be-able to enjoy lighter evenings, a sign that summer is not far away.

I thought it was time for me to get into the 21st Century and The Cloud Hotel is now on Facebook so look out for news of events and special offers that we will be posting on our page.

Mother's Day Sunday lunch on April 3rd at The Cloud Hotel is fully booked now but you can still bring your Mother out for a special Mothering Sunday Tea, however you do need to book.

I very seldom see television but I was determined to see the three programmes of The English National Ballet 'Agony or Ecstasy' on BBC4. I lived every moment of it as I was trained to be a ballet dancer and have experienced the agony and ecstasy that every dancer feels. Ballet is still one of my passions and although my dancing career took me into the Variety Theatre I am convinced that the training I received has given me the discipline, stamina and drive I have needed in my business life.

The next meeting of The Wessex Women's Network is on Wednesday April 27th when Jake Simpkin is giving a talk on the Monarchy. With the Royal Wedding only two days away it should be very topical as well as interesting.

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