Monday, 6 August 2012

Going for Gold

How fantastic it is to see the Women GB Team achieve such wonderful results and win so many medals at the Olympic Games. Just think it was only in 1900 that women were allowed to compete in the Olympics for the first time in Paris at that time there were 997 competitors and only 22 were women. This is the first year that women have been represented in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei and even then only a small minority of women were in their teams. They have taken one small step in the right direction to open more opportunities for other women in their countries making a strong statement that women from these countries are determined to be allowed to take part in these events. However there is still a long way to go before all women can say we have equal opportunities in all areas of our lives and we have to keep fighting for it. I have three daughters and two granddaughters and I want them to have  real equal opportunities so they can work hard and be proud of their achievements.  I am proud to promote women and believe that women should have the same opportunities as men and have a choice. All the time we sit back and let the men control us nothing will ever change for the future generation of women.

Unfortunately the meeting on August 1st had to be postponed due to the lack of response, Jan felt that it wasn't really fair to ask a speaker to come to speak to such a small group of women so we will book David Saunders again sometime next year. The next meeting will be on August 29th when Judy Clements JP and Lena Samuels JP will  discuss their work as Magistrates I hope to have a good response to this event and look forward to welcoming you as their talk is set to be a fascinating insight.

I have just returned from a week in the sun with my eldest daughter and feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to go back to work. I believe everyone should take time out of their business and have the confidence that it will continue to operate without you being there. It is also important for your wellbeing as holidays recharge our bodies as well as our minds and give you time for yourself and with your family.

A date for your diary is Friday September 28th when the Cloud Hotel will be taking part in the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please do come along and bring your friends to help boost the funds for a very worthy cause for which I am an Ambassador.

Finally wouldn't it be lovely if the spirit of the Olympics continued after they had finished and we all had a much happier and positive attitude to life! You never know how close you are so never give up on your dreams.