Sunday, 11 July 2010

A week in the life of-----

I can't believe a week has passed since I was having my photo shoot in London for Good Housekeeping magazine. However it has been another very busy but enjoyable week for me. I continue to do my Nordic Walking with Karen Guttridge three times a week and am already beginning to feel fitter. I had the pleasure of talking to the retired staff of Marks and Spencer on Tuesday, I have spoken to them before and they are always a lovely audience and very responsive which makes it more enjoyable for me.

The highlight of my week was opening an exhibition of Alan Carter's paintings at TheARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth. Alan and his wife Julia were both ballet dancers and great friends of mine and Julia decided to organise this exhibition of Alan's paintings in his memory. His paintings 'Choreographics' are unique and show the culmination of Alan's profession as a dancer, ballet director and choreographer as dance movements in graphic representation. The ARThouse Gallery is in Bourne Avenue Bournemouth and the exhibition of Alan's paintings will continue until July 25th. To view Alan's paintings visit  It was an enjoyable evening and I was delighted to meet up with two dancers who were in Pantomime with me at the Hippodrome Theatre in Brighton in 1960! It's a small world.

Quote 'You are not here for a long time but you are here for a good time' so I hope you are taking time out to enjoy this lovely weather.


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tales from the Tower

The past few weeks have been manic for me with talks, business lunches and a full hotel, however I consider being busy better than being bored. The Wessex Women welcomed Tony Strafford, a retired Beefeater from the Tower of London, to the Cloud Hotel on Monday June 21st. Thirty four ladies came to hear Tony entertain us with tales from the Tower. I think the title of his talk 'Sex, Bishops and Money' was an attraction to the ladies as well  as the fact he came in full uniform. He explained how certain expressions like 'One for the Road' and 'Hangers On' had originated, both from rather grisley circumstances and he assured us there had never been a ghost spotted at the Tower. He provided great entertainment and the ladies enjoyed having their photo taken with him by Compass magazine.The next meeting is on July 28th when Dr Denise Tylor speaks to us on gaining the competitive edge using hypnosis. Maybe she should have contacted the English football team before the world cup. Please book early as these events are very popular.

On June 30th we celebrated Lucy's 18th birthday with champagne and cakes. Lucy was 10 weeks old when Mandie, who is her Mum started working for me. Now Lucy is a competant and hardworking member of staff who is usually on duty with her Mum at the Wessex Women's meetings, a real family affair. I have watched Lucy grow into an attractive and confident young woman.

I have had some great publicity during the past few weeks thanks to a PR company in London called emmett & smith. I have details if anyone is interested. I am sure I have mentioned this before but I was given some excellent advice by Bob Paton a famous American restauranteur 'Tell the world about your business'. I took his advice and I always say yes to any good publicity that I am offered. Business is tough now and you have to keep reminding everyone that you exist.

On Friday I was up at 5-30am to go to Farnborough to present my talk on Customer Service to the ladies attending the Bizz- Fast Forum sponsored by 'Everywoman' and Nat West Bank. I am passionate about customer service and I believe it's the companies that deliver five star service and exceed their customers expectations who will survive this recession and come out of it stronger and more successful. However it was a disappointing attendance. What always amazes me is that ladies book to come to these events but don't turn up. It's only those people who make an effort and persevere who will succeed. The ones who ' GET UP, DRESS UP, and SHOW UP'.

After my presentation I had to be whisked into London to be made up and dressed up for a photo shoot for Good Housekeeping magazine that had been arranged by emmett & smith. It was a fun day, and so uplifting to be amongst young enthusiastic and creative young people. I am going to appear in the October edition of Good Housekeeping with three other inspirational ladies. Again a wonderful opportunity to promote my business and meet interesting people.
Talking about opportunitys to promote your business I would like to remind you about the 'everywoman' awards that provide the winners and runners up with excellent marketing material. The closing date is July 30th so if you would  like to either nominate yourself or a colleague you haven't got much time left. You will find all details on

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that I took the opportunity to spend the afternoon relaxing with my eldest daughter Amanda on the beach at Steamer Point Mudeford. It was lovely to have the chance to spend some time together and catch up with all our news. It is important that you take time out of your business to be-able to relax and come back to work refreshed with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

We all put things off that we don't want to do but read Brian Tracey's book 'Eat That Frog' it's brilliant.

Now that the World Cup is over [well it is for the English] and Wimbledon has finished, both sports with disappointing results, it's time to drag yourself away from the television and enjoy some fresh air in the beautiful countryside.